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We Help Health, Wellness, and Beauty Businesses Grow Their Business Organically

Through beautiful and functional web design, search engine optimization, and content marketing. I have firsthand experience in this industry, and have owned - and grown - a thriving business using these exact methods.


As a grassroots massage and yoga studio, Earth Breath Yoga didn't have a huge marketing budget. They were also competing with 6 or so other yoga studios in the area, most of which were hot yoga studios. These other yoga studios had years' worth of experience already in the game, and dozens of reviews, thousands of followers on social, and processes and protocols already in place.

Dharmalytics constantly surprises me with their knowledge and expertise. Since working with them, we've been able to add 2 new classes to our schedule and grow our massage bookings. Our sales have grown and I have no doubt it will continue.


OEarth Breath Yoga

Project Objectives

We wanted to help Earth Breath Yoga create a clear SEO and web design strategy that would cater to their current massage and yoga student population, while also helping them organically grow their subscribers and student base. All of this would take into consideration their small studio with a limited class offering, yet specialty offerings, such as all-inclusive massage therapy and standard 90-minute yoga classes. They also wanted help starting and growing a prenatal yoga class offering.

the results

In 6 months, we were able to increase their organic traffic by 68%, grow their new users by 66%, and get them in the Google Local Pack (top 3 placement) in Google maps. This translated to them being nearly fully booked (80% average) in 3 brand new classes - prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, and a full moon circle. They also gained an average of 7 new massage therapy clients each month through Google. The average total gross revenue is more than $2,200 per month, and it's still growing.

The Facial Room

Keyword research to include more than 200 keywords; branding and design work including brand palette, tone, and voice.

  • Web Design + Strategy

  • Keyword Research + Local SEO

  • Branding

  • Google Business Profile Management + Optimization


Rachael Cone, the owner of The Facial Room and co-owner of Vista Massage and Wellness, wanted to rebrand and grow her facial business organically. Since she had recently decided she wanted to quit doing massage altogether, she knew that she would need to start growing her facial business sooner rather than later in order to increase revenue and get her businesses name out there. She also wanted a brand that represented the essence of who she is, and expressed parts of her personality that her old business didn't. 

Project Objectives

I wanted to help The Facial Room create a clear web design and SEO strategy that would increase organic traffic to her business over time, while being easy and intuitive for their current clientele to use. Another goal was to improve the UX design of the website, including primary and tertiary button designs, and help her create a brand palette and voice that resonated with her and her ideal client.


I started by researching her current competition in Lake Oswego, gathering as much data - both quantitative and qualitative -  about them as possible. I then began my keyword research to determine the top 200+ search queries that would help her get the most traffic to her business. From there, I began to optimize her foundational pages and adding new ones, ensuring each were optimized based on the SEO data I acquired. I also created a brand palette, typography style, and assisted her with creating brand values and a brand voice that accurately represented her personality (and her brand's personality). 

Earth Breath Yoga

Increasing ranking keyword terms by more than 200, 68% increase in local traffic; resulting in increased gross revenue by more than $2,500 per month

  • Web Design + Strategy

  • Local SEO

  • Content Marketing & Optimization

  • Google Business Profile Management + Optimization

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